"This Might Hurt Podcast" is a full length Show. Running anywhere from

30min to 120min.
"The Manic Minute" is an on the spot rant that can run from

1min to 10min.

The "This Might Hurt Podcast" & "The Manic Minute" are two unique shows that at some point might become a bit confusing. We won't be focused on just one topic. We'll be covering everything from Sports, Social Media, Music and Movies among other things. Your Host is Big Corleone. (I don't have any aka's yet.) It's gonna be a good and very interesting time. We'll be running weekly Contests Via different methods. You'll be able to Call in Via Skype as well as hang out in our live chat room. Needless to say this Podcast will be very interactive. So go to our Facebook Fan Page, hit that LIKE BUTTON and become a fan. It's that easy!! This is all about REAL FUN, REAL LIFE, REAL TALK!

"This is a Political & Religious free Zone"


Just do me a favor and always keep in mind that at some point...

"This Might Hurt"


If You Don't Know Now You Know!

Might Hurt Podcast

The Podcast About NOTHING

But Yet


Manic Minute

"Reach Out To Your Host"

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